Introducing dlMetro

 Published On May 07, 2015

How to dress a web site with Windows 8 metro UI?

In my spare time i created a very simple framework, with no dependencies to dress a website like Windows 8 metro UI.

Here some screenshots, taken from the examples on github

Minimal example

The example generated following the readme on github

Readme Example


Basic example, with different headers and footers

Basic Example

Headers: fixed and flow

Use of fixed and flow header

Fixed and flow heares

Cell appearance

Modify cell appearance

Custom cell

Use of fixed footer

Fixed footer

Invisible things

Some cells appears only for certain visualizations


Add some maps

dlMetro and Openlayers 3

6 maps in a metro

Online store concept

Show many items like an online store

Show many items

A book concept

A book with one or two pages


Share this!

“Share this” buttons always visible

Share this buttons always visible

Tags: css javascript


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