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Take the bucket of your life,

fill it with stones,

add sand,

and add water.

In this order.


2016-05 mobile2keyboard

2016-04 Real Racers

2015-10 OpenStreetMap for the dyslexic

2015-06 keyframesPlayground

2015-06 dlCarousel

2015-05 surfway

2015-05 tython

  • a template engine written in python
  • make the developer able to use markdown syntax and python code together in templates
  • get ithere

2015-05 websu

  • an utility written in php to automate the process of update a web site, minimizing offline time
  • support criptography
  • get it here

2015-04 dlMetro

  • a css / javascript framework to dress a website like a Windows 8 (metro ui)
  • has no dependecies to external libraries
  • get it here
  • an old post describing it

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